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Dragoon-class Destroyer by technokoopa Dragoon-class Destroyer by technokoopa
Class: Dragoon
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: Novus Orsa Republic
Length: 260 Meters
Number Built: 1550 Estimated by 2114 GE

The Novus Orsa Republic was founded in 236 GE after races from the United Systems of the Federation, the Sol'Na'Changko Empire, the Cantarian Republic, and the Enteetian Empire fled the Milky Way Galaxy through a wormhole created by the Minions to escape the genocidal campaign of the Evoans (the evolved enemy of humanity's ancestors) who were killing whole worlds of human-based races and their allies. The wormhole, which closed after the last of the survivors made it through, led those that survived to a star cluster known as Novus Orsa, which is Latin for New Beginning.

In the millennia that followed, the survivors began to expand, explore, and either colonize or terraform the worlds they found in Novus Orsa. The cluster had about 4000 or so stars, which took centuries to explore. The survivors after a while decided that they could no longer afford to fight or squabble with each other, that they must get along in this small cluster of stars. To that end, in 236 GE, a capital was chosen in the Lumen System and the first makings of the Novus Orsa Republic was formed. This Republic is still around to this day. However, there are those who wanted to have nothing to do with the Human-based races that caused them to flee their home worlds to begin with, and have made entire systems their domains. These groups have also resorted to piracy, enslavement, and other illegal activities within their territories. These areas are rather small compared to the Republic. However, the threat these factions possess has led the Republic to create a military to defend itself in case of attack.

While Fold Drives were not lost during the exodus, it was soon discovered that the wormhole technology of the Minions provided near instant transportation. The Minions went to work on creating these Star Gates as they were called to allow quick transportation to other systems. An interplanetary "Warp" Drive also took the spot of the Fold Drive. Since the Warp Drive was drastically smaller, smaller ships could be now be made where as before the smallest ships with Fold Drives were 800 meters minimum. Not only could smaller ships be mass produced more quickly, but the utilization of Warp Drives and Star Gates limited the activities of the rogue factions outside their controlled systems.

It is now 2114 GE. Much of the history of the Milky Way Galaxy has been classified and replaced with a made up history to prevent the descendants from knowing or returning to that galaxy, lest they lead the Evoans back to humanity's sanctuary.

Ship Description:
At the turn of the second millenia of the Galactic Era calendar, the Novus Orsa military realized that it was time to begin replacing the long outdated Scylla-class destroyers which had been in service for 150 years. In keeping with the ancient tradition of the Osea-class vessels two thousand years ago, the new destroyers would also have modular components to easily switch and replace damaged or destroyed components. This included as small as a console to entire sections of ships. This modular feature has led to the long service time of ships prior and would continue for the new destroyer, which is expected to last for 200 years with regular upgrades and maintenance. Hyabushi Industries ended up winning the contract with their Dragoon-class destroyer entry.

The Dragoon, much like other ships, has fittings and mounts to allow the vessel to be equipped with a wide variety of weapons and equipment. The common fittings for the weapons in the image above are from right to left: Dual Railgun, Dual Railgun, Missile Launcher, Hybrid Blaster, Missile Launcher, Hybrid Blaster, and Hybrid Blaster. Railguns are designed for long range fire, missiles for long to medium range, and hybrid blasters for medium to short. It comes with standard shields, an interplanetary warp drive, and a shuttle bay to launch shuttles and transports for the S.A.G.A.T.'s, which is short for Starship And Ground Assault Troopers. By 2114 GE the Dragoon has long since replaced the Scylla and functions as the ship-of-the-line and workhorse of the Republic.

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Nice work.
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