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Hawking and Ginn FFA-03 Modular Firearm Chimera by technokoopa
Hawking and Ginn FFA-03 Modular Firearm Chimera

Designed and introduced in 2053 G.E. by the Hawking & Ginn Industries, a known firearm seller in the Novus Orsa Republic, the FFA-03 Chimera firearm like most Republic weaponry and military equipment is a modular design weapon capable of using different equipment to fulfill a variety of roles for Navy and SAGAT personnel. It was also designed to use a variety of particle beam charges for a variety of damage effects. These cartridges can be interchanged along with different equipment than what is pictured above depending on the mission requirements the weapons are to fulfill. While the variations of the equipment above are self explanatory in their roles including the heavy assault rifle (which is essentially a miniature cannon), charges themselves require explanation.

Neutron Particle Beam: The basic and most common charge found for the weapon. It was designed to burn through a target, whether it be organic or metal. However, the initial blast only lasts for a few seconds as the neutron energy dissipates. It was meant to hurt organic beings who would stop fighting due to the pain. Organic burns from this weapon are still treatable with nanomachine therapy.

Disruptor Particle Beam: This beam was designed to disrupt the molecular bonds between molecules whether they are organic or metal. This type of weapon is initially meant to break down walls and barriers, but if an organic mass is hit with the weapon, it can range from having a hole that is untreatable to complete vaporization.

Plasma Particle Beam: A particle charge designed to melt or burn at extreme temperatures and continue to do so for a few seconds. It was designed to be used against armored targets and heavily armored barricades. However, while it can be used against organics, plasma burns are only treatable if small. If an unarmored organic target is hit, the target area if not the entire body is burned to a crisp as if flash fried.

Xenon Particle Beam: The most volatile of the beams, the charge was designed to fire a high concentration of the noble gas in a magnetic bubble. Upon contact, the gas erupts resulting in a blast of magnetic kinetic force in range of the blast. This was designed to be used against a group of targets or to cause massive collateral damage to structures or equipment nearby. Anyone struck with the blast will be instantly vaporized while others are pushed away by the sheer force of the blast.

Polaron Particle Beam: This particle beam was designed to short out electrical equipment and craft. Electronic equipment struck will have their wires fried or cause a brief power outage depending on the shielding of the target and the type of gun used to fire the weapon. This works best when one wants to disable their opponents equipment to disarm them. However, if the beam hits an organic target, the weapon could short out their nervous system causing paralysis or death.

2113 GE Triangulum Delta Flyer Mark V Racer by technokoopa
2113 GE Triangulum Delta Flyer Mark V Racer
“Behold the 2113 Triangulum Delta V: the fastest flyer in the known galaxy. With up to 8 ion sublight drives and an 8 AU per second warp speed rating, high performance and style will be yours as you cross the Republic. Prices starting at 5,000,000 credits for the LX model and 8,000,000 credits for the SX model. Visit your local Triangulum dealer today.” –Slogan for 2113 GE model.

While military craft, freighters, and civilian transports of various shapes and sizes traverse Republic space, there are those who prefer their own private craft if they can afford it. Many of those are usually the rich, however some of these craft due to their nature are also used in races across the Republic that are backed by corporate sponsors. Every once in a while a few people in the Republic have managed to save enough to afford the craft but don't take it out often. Lately there have been more "affordable" options for buyers to have such craft but these are generally short range and small. Larger ones can traverse the entire Republic and are equipped with amenities for such long trips.

The 2113 GE Triangulum Delta Flyer Mark V Racer is made by one of the top flyer manufacturers in the Republic similar in status to Lamborghini who made terrestrial vehicles in Terra's history. The craft was available in LX ans SX models. The LX model aside from color had only two engines on each wing and they were not as powerful as the SX model which is pictured above. The SX model is most commonly found in interstellar races though a few are in the hands of the wealthy or lucky. Generally most of the wealthy will prefer the LX models of flyers regardless of the brand due to the cost of maintenance and upkeep.

Flyers can only be flown by the owner of the craft and any other person that is programmed into a wireless "key" that has a DNA and thumbprint reader. Without the key and a person authorized to fly it, the flyer will not start up. "Hot-wiring" won't work either as the craft's computer still needs a DNA and thumbprint to activate. These security features are why little to no criminals have them in their possession, not to mention the fact that criminals can barely catch up to them at all.

Note: the value of a credit is 5 times that of the standard American dollar.
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 8 by technokoopa
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 8
Warring Factions: Alternate Universe #6
The Unforgiving Past - Part 8

Once the Improbus Dominion was made public, a trap set by Lee was sprung where all the star gates in the Republic, the Empire, and the Federation are suddenly unlocked. Without the means to lock them, this gives the Dominion the means to invade their territories with their fleets of unmanned ships. With Dominion forces ready to invade, Admiral Trent must change his plans and find a means to prevent an all out invasion before the Dominion manages to conquer the entire star cluster.

It took a while to work on this with my work schedule being so busy but it is finally out there. Part 9 will be worked on pretty soon. Enjoy!
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 7 by technokoopa
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 7
Warring Factions: Alternate Universe #6
The Unforgiving Past - Part 7

After being attacked by five frigates of unknown origin while investigating the wreckage of the colony ship Griffon, Admiral Trent and his second-in-command, Captain Shannon (a human/skunk hybrid), go to interrogate former Supreme Chancellor Lee for answers concerning the frigates, the recovered star chart located in the unmanned ships, and who he was working for. The answers may lead the Republic, the Empire, and the Federation into war with a fourth party.

While a bit belated, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I'll be working on part 8 whenever I can. I'm currently under the weather at the moment but should be cleared up in a day or two.
Novus Orsa Ship Size Chart by technokoopa
Novus Orsa Ship Size Chart
This is the current ship size chart for ships currently found in the Novus Orsa star cluster. All ships are to scale. The bar on the bottom is a ruler of sorts. each box represents 10 meters with each peak marking 100 meters.


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