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By now many would have noticed that all the Star Trek designs, stories, and wallpapers are gone. Why would I remove those items after all of this time? There are two reasons why.

The first involves the designs’ origins. Many of the designs were heavily inspired by the works of Stourangeau that created them, including the basis of the U.S.S. Avenger. While I did not get the impression once he found out about the designs that he was upset, I began to feel guilty for creating them without giving credit where credit is due or even asking for permission for creating deviations of his work. I did not create designs that were completely original in some form or fashion. Therefore they were removed and if I do any further designs involving this particular genre they will be as original as I can make them. I have been contemplating a design for use by the M.A.C.O.’s for troop deployment but that has not come to fruition yet as I have been busy with my original designs and stories.

The second reason was lack of interest both from the audience and by me. The designs were created originally to be used for a crossover series that involved Star Trek, Gundam, My Little Pony, Transformers (eventually), and my own original story/setting. Two short stories were created along these lines but while working on the third one, I had lost interest. The second story originally had a character based on someone who had created a lot of drama in real life between me and a Star Trek fan group. This includes the ships and story involving the Gungnir Fleet. By removing the designs and stories involving this drama, I give myself a clean slate in that regards.

I will also be cleaning up a few more things here that needed to be done but for now I will be focusing more on my Warring Factions: Alternate Timeline story and designs that are currently being worked on. Thank you all for understanding.

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WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 3 by technokoopa
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 3
Warring Factions: Alternate Universe #6
The Unforgiving Past - Part 3

Pursuit the freighters has led Drew and Blair to discover hidden star gates in the Serenus and Viridis systems leading to the Camino and Vitam star systems respectively. Out of those gates came ships from former pirate groups who for the past 50 years have received support and became full-fledged nations called the Camino Star Empire and the Vitam Federation. As the new nations come to assist the Republic with the pirates who are attacking, questions began to form: what are these nations' intentions and how will the Republic Senate lead by the paranoid-instilling Supreme Chancellor react?

Please enjoy Part 3 of my newest story. I'm working on catching up and have done a few pages of Part 4 at the time of this release.
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 2 by technokoopa
WF:AT 6 - The Unforgiving Past - Part 2
Warring Factions: Alternate Universe #6
The Unforgiving Past - Part 2

Accepting the request by Vice Admiral Trent, Colonel Blair, Captain Drew, Bounty Hunter Jerry and Priestess Moonschild set off on their missions to track the two freighters that are heading for the defense fleets near the Northern and Eastern Regions. Their missions are clear: find out why the freighters disappear. When the freighters make their move, their pursuers are not far behind. What they find however is something they were unprepared for nor what they later run into.

Please enjoy Part 2 of my newest story. Sorry it took so long but there were several factors that delayed it.


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