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WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 4 by technokoopa
WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 4
Warring Factions-Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 4


With the war now over after the capture of the Prime Minister, the Enteetian Empire now has to recover from the attempted takeover and has to make amends to both the NUG and the races it conquered. However, in light of recent events, it has been noticed that Kailey, who has traveled through time to make such events happen, is having doubts as to her actions, doubts that have Admiral Trent taking action. What awaits those who have witnessed these events and changes in the final chapter of Warring Factions - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past.

I will point out that this chapter will feel rushed but that is due to the fact that I wanted to return to the Alternate Timeline stories will will continue soon. Thanks for reading!
WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 3 by technokoopa
WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 3
Warring Factions-Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 3


There is more than things seem as the Enteetian Royal Guard fleet is destroyed by sabotage after Empress Roxie and her guards teleport off the ships onto the Dreadnought Japan. Now it is a race against time to find out who is responsible for this attempted assassination against the Empress' life. What will happen when the Empire finds out that the fleet was destroyed and their Empress is supposedly dead? More over, how will the New Unity Government respond to this sudden crisis in the midst of an ongoing war?
WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 2 by technokoopa
WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 2
Warring Factions-Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 2


The truth has been revealed. When confronted by Admiral Trent about the facts of where she came from, Kailey decides the truth about where and more importantly WHEN she came from was more important to the future of the New Unity Government than hiding any further. Once the truth is made known, Trent rushes back to earth aboard his dreadnought to give his report to the rest of the Admiralty as well as the Joint Chiefs and both the President and Vice President. How will they respond to the news and the impending danger of the Evoans? Moreover, will they make contact with the other human-based races throughout the galaxy now knowing their locations thanks to information from the future? Will history in the end repeat itself in this timeline as it did in the Alternate Timeline?

WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 1 by technokoopa
WF - Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 1
Warring Factions-Original Timeline: Sins of the Past Part 1


Two choices. A decision to be made. In Year 59 of the Galactic Era, the Terrans of the Earth Sphere United Nations had to choose between two options during a lull in the First Interstellar War involving the wolfen Domans and the amphibious Corusentians. The decision involved the deployment of their first interstellar ships. They would either build several small warships or a few large heavy cruisers. In the end, the ESUN chose the latter option (the former would lead to what is now known as the Alternate Timeline series). This decision led to a series of battles that would eventually lead to the formation of the New Unity Government at the end of the First Interstellar War after the Domans and Corusentians were defeated.

However, in the name of “peace and security” and possessing a powerful space naval fleet, the NUG began to expand its sphere of influence to other regions in the Orion Arm of the galaxy. Some joined the NUG without any conflict as they found the NUG as a powerful protector. Others however put up a fight and many of the NUG’s opponents were subsequently defeated with their territories annexed. After nearly a decade, the NUG now spanned nearly 500 Light-years from Earth in almost every direction. The only nation in the region that the NUG did not conquer or acquire is the Sol’naa’Changko Empire who are currently in good standings with the NUG.

In 73 G.E., using info that was acquired by an ancient source, the NUG travelled to the distant world of Muulia located in the Sagittarius Arm to find another human-based race with bovine parts that was seeded by an ancient seed ship. What they found was the Muulians in a losing battle against the Enteetians, the last of the human-based races that the NUG was aware of that possessed fox ears and tails. The NUG decided to wage war against the Enteetians in order to “preserve the Muulians’ way of life.”

However, the timeline in which this story follows has been altered than what was originally told. The “original timeline” saw many hardships and wars where the NUG had far more losses. However, something or someone has changed all of that. Ships based off of those from CONCORD, the agency that governs the same region of space over 2,000 years in the future on the “alternate timeline,” are present in the NUG of today with some slight changes. These are giving the technological edge to the NUG from when they first appeared during the First Interstellar War. This is what led to the victory against the Domans and Corusentians and other such victories for the NUG. Events due to these have changed the course of events to where the New Unity Government is now the dominant power in the galaxy.

Who or what is responsible for these changes and most importantly, why?

America-class Dreadnought by technokoopa
America-class Dreadnought
In Year 59 of the Galactic Era, the Earth Sphere United Nations after their first encounter with the Domans and Corusentians during the First Interstellar War were deciding between either multiple smaller warships or few large cruisers as their first faster-than-light warships. During this time, they came across another alien in a small craft who was later identified as a Centauri female who had in her possession info and schematics for advanced warships that she willingly gave to the ESUN who were able to quickly design and build thanks to info on advanced shipbuilding methods. Instead of building just the cruisers, the ESUN built frigates along with cruisers. Battleships were built later on during the First Interstellar War. Instead of the Fold Drive the Terrans managed to acquire from the wreckage of Doman and Corusentian ships, they were provided with the specs to build a Transwarp Drive, a faster-than-light system that allows ships to instantly transport from one point to another. The Transwarp drive was quickly built and implemented into the new designs. Along with the advanced offensive and defensive systems, this gave the ESUN a decisive technological advantage against the Domans and Corusentians, a fact that left those two alien races reeling as they began losing battles. As the ESUN made allies of the Centauri and the Zaurians, the foundation of the New Unity Government began to form and with it a common purpose against a common enemy which led to an enlarged navy. In a couple of years, the NUG won the First Interstellar War. The ships used during the war are still in use by 72 G.E. as they have little need of upgrades at this time. Dreadnoughts were eventually built for use against larger ships and installations as well as to fortify key locations. The inclusion of the dreadnoughts brought the base number of hull types to 4.

NOTE: These designs, while similar to those found on the Alternate Timeline’s CONCORD navy, are built on a different timeline and time period with a slightly different weapons loadout based on the ship. The reason for why these ships exist on this timeline and time period will become clear in the upcoming story these will be in.

The largest of the four hulls and the only capital ship in use by the New Unity Government is the 3500-meter long America-class dreadnought. A pinnacle of NUG warship design, the America was put into service after the First Interstellar War to both solidify the nation’s priority holdings as well as an anti-installation and anti-capital ship vessel. The ship designers used the already successful Texas battleship hull as a base and enlarged it with some modifications due to the size increase to fulfill the role it would be given. The hull has 5600mm hull plating making it the most heavily armored dreadnought anywhere. Along with armor repair nanomachines and a heat dispersion system against energy weapons, the ship’s armor can take a beating for prolonged engagements. However, the shield systems found on board utilize both a primary and secondary shield to protect the ship from various forms of energy weapons and take multiple impacts from projectile weapons. Fourteen engines provide the forward thrust for the vessel though its size does not allow the ship to be either fast or maneuverable. The America was designed for use against other capital ships as well as installations and its weaponry reflects this role relying on smaller ships to combat similar sized vessels. The ship’s armament includes 2 capital dual railguns for long range assaults, 4 capital dual particle laser cannons for medium range engagements, and 2 quad capital missile launchers for barrage attacks against capital ships and installations. The ship also possess a primary weapon, the capital ship-grade massive graviton cannon, which is forward firing and is the only ship of its size in possession of such a weapon. The ship also has eight large hangar bays to accommodate shuttles, transports, fighters, and mecha. The ship also utilizes a teleporter system with twelve teleporters that have been fine-tuned and safe to use. America dreadnoughts are usually found at key worlds within the NUG and are rarely seen without a fleet escort. Dreadnoughts also function as flagships to the fleets they are assigned to. America-class dreadnoughts are named after countries that were on Earth and so far they have not exceeded the list of names yet to start looking at countries on other worlds if


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