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Golem-Class Battleship - United Vitam State by technokoopa
Golem-Class Battleship - United Vitam State
For more information on the backstory and technology of the Cerberus, check out the Raptor-Class Destroyer for further details.

Of the three ship designs that State ship designers and engineers could come up with, their crowning achievement came when they developed the ultimate missile launcher platform on a battleship. Naming it the Golem for its rock-solid offensive and defensive capabilities, the Golem is capable of engaging targets from frigates up to battleships with enough firepower to be a one ship armada. Equipped with the most sophisticated missile guidance and tracking systems found on State ships, the Golem is expected to hit its mark with the multitude of missiles every time. Against enemy frigates and destroyers, the Golem is armed with 100 light missile launchers, causing many Royal Navy destroyer commanders to think twice about engaging the Golem. Indeed, while the Golem can use the light missile launchers against frigates and destroyers, they can also be used against cruisers with the higher-yield payloads on board. However, the Golem also comes equipped with anti-cruiser weaponry already installed with 32 heavy missile launchers, an arsenal that Royal Navy cruiser commanders are not proud to see if they have to engage the ship. The missiles for those launchers also allow them to be used against small craft with high-maneuver precision missiles if needed as well as engaging larger craft such as battleships with higher yield yet slower warheads. The ship is also equipped with 24 quad anti-battleship vertical torpedo launchers as well as 40 vertical cruise missile launchers designed specifically for use against battleships and any other large target such as Royal Navy logistical craft which help to rearm the enemy ships. With this much firepower, many people of the State deemed the ship indestructible against the Royal Navy ships. However, it was soon discovered that there was a couple of fatal flaws in the initial design. At the time of the first Golems being launched, the missile system could not keep up with the multitude of missiles being launched. This caused the missiles to either miss their targets or run into each other will in battle with a Royal Navy Thrasher-class Battleship. That Golem was ultimately destroyed by the Thrashers guns before it could flee. Realizing the issue, the engineers reworked and added more guidance systems to help with the problem. While the missile guidance issue was fixed by the time the Golem’s next engagement with another Thrasher occurred, another problem arose in the defenses of the Golem. While the Golem was equipped with the same primary and secondary shield system found on the Thrasher, the engineers had overlooked the fact that the Thrasher also had thick armor to help buffer further damage once its shields were gone, something the Golem lacked. That engagement ended in a stalemate as the Golem was beginning to sustain hull damage once its shields were gone and it could not finish off the Thrasher it was fighting who was also beginning to lose its armor. Instead of giving the ship a thick coat of armor like the Thrasher, the engineers opted to do one last change to the design by reducing some of the payload by 10 percent in order to install a tertiary shield system as well as some newly developed shield “hardeners” that gave the shields better resistances to the multitude of different rounds used by the Royal Navy. In the third engagement against yet another Thrasher, the Golem came out victorious against the Thrasher barely activating its tertiary shields before destroying the enemy battleship. This gave the State a boost in moral while dealing a significant blow to the Kingdom who always thought their battleships were indestructible. The Kingdom at some point gave the boast that they lost against the Camino Star Empire because their battleships were not there. After the destruction of one of their battleships at the hands of a State battleship, that boast quickly began to fade away.
Cerberus-Class Cruiser - United Vitam State by technokoopa
Cerberus-Class Cruiser - United Vitam State
For more information on the backstory and technology of the Cerberus, check out the Raptor-Class Destroyer for further details.

Knowing that the Kingdom would most likely commit its Impaler-class Cruiser once they found the State, the State ship engineers designed and created what they conceived as a great deterrent in anti-cruiser combat. Naming it the Cerberus-class Cruiser, the ship uses the modular design introduced on the Raptor-class Destroyers to save on time and maintenance while at the same time adding components for use against a wide array of targets. Against enemy frigates and destroyers, the Cerberus is armed with 57 light missile launchers, causing many to call this ship the “destroyer killer.” Indeed, while the Cerberus can use the light missile launchers against frigates and destroyers, they can also be used against cruisers with the higher-yield payloads on board. However, the Cerberus also comes equipped with anti-cruiser weaponry already installed with 16 heavy missile launchers. The missiles for those launchers also allow them to be used against small craft with high-maneuver precision missiles if needed as well as engaging larger craft such as battleships with higher yield yet slower warheads. This makes the Cerberus a rather invaluable ship as it can be deployed against such a wide array of targets. However, there is still one more set of launchers available to the Cerberus. The ship is equipped with 10 vertical cruise missile launchers designed specifically for use against battleships and any other large target such as Royal Navy logistical craft which help to rearm the enemy ships. After the issues the State engineers had worked out with the Golem battleship, the Cerberus is also equipped with shield “hardeners” that gave the shields better resistances to the multitude of different rounds used by the Royal Navy strengthening its defenses.  All of the launchers do not have to be facing their targets either as the weapons can change direction once in flight. The Cerberus’ roles aside from front line combat is border defense as well as serve as the command vessel of a small squad of Raptors. Royal Navy ship commanders that have survived combat with a Cerberus that the ship is a “beast” and dread the day they have to face another one like it again.
Raptor-Class Destroyer - United Vitam State by technokoopa
Raptor-Class Destroyer - United Vitam State
In the year 4902 A.D. of the Novus Initium Republic’s calendar, the Vitams who were a fox-like bipedal race who had recently managed to go into outer space soon came across another race from another world. They were a wolf-like bipedal race known as the Lykans of the Royal Lykan Kingdom. It was soon made clear once they arrived in the Vitams’ home system that they were there to conquer the Vitams and the Lykans did so with little effort against the technologically inferior Vitams. The entire population was put into slavery and was to serve the Lykans and their war machine in conquering the star cluster in the name of the Lykans’ deity. A good number of Vitams were tasked with the mechanical maintenance of the Royal Navy’s ships while others were tasked with more remedial work. For over the next three centuries, the Vitams continued to by the servants of the Lykans along with other races but they all were waiting for the day the Lykans would do something to let their guard down and allow the slaves to be free.

That time came in 5326 A.D. when the Lykans at the height of their kingdom came across the Camino Star Empire and waged a large battle against the Caminos using only destroyers and cruisers. The battle was intense and the Lykans last almost two-thirds of their fleet versus the Empire losing less than half. The Lykans’ choice of not using battleships in the battle gave them a bloody nose and the first loss in the history of the Kingdom. The Kingdom’s response was to send another force with battleships against the Empire. However, the loss left the Lykan officers demoralized to the point that the Vitams and any other slave race began to take action against their oppressors. The Vitams installed triggers and bypasses throughout several Royal Navy ships to either incapacitate or terminate the Lykans on the ships with their own security system. The Slave Revolt, as it was soon called, saw several military and civilian ships being hijacked and evacuations of the slaves throughout the Kingdom. The King called for an uneasy truce with the Empire in order for them to address the Revolt as best they can. Stocking up on Salire Purpura Crystals in order for their ships to perform several jumps without the need of the Lykans’ jump gates, the Vitams led the way towards the Southeast Region to gain some distance from the Kingdom. The Lykans, still demoralized and attempting to keep other slaves from fleeing, did not pursue. Only two-thirds of the slaves were free from the Kingdom, a fact that was both impressive and disheartening at the same time. They knew that someday they would go back to the Kingdom and either free the remainder of their brethren or defeat the Kingdom outright.

The former slaves jumped a few more times before they came across a system with a habitable world. From there, they started to build homes and fortresses to protect their newfound freedom. They got together a committee of different races that were enslaved to find out how they wanted things to go in terms of a government, military, civilian operations, or even a name. The name was the easy part as the Vitams were the ones responsible for the freedom of so many from each race. It was decided that the nation they would great would be the United Vitam State. The State’s government was focused on the idea of a council with the elected heads of each of the races representing them after comparing the histories of all the races and what would work best for their situation. This Executive Council would serve as the leaders of the nations and would fulfill the roles similar to the president of a democracy. A Representatives Parliament would become the lawmakers and representatives of their various districts. Finally, a court system was in place to enforce the laws. Over the course of the next 50 years, the State grew as many contributed their knowledge and knowhow to develop the planets both in and around their new capital. Most of this was thanks to one of the race’s use and development of advanced automation that skyrocketed their society. The State now expanded to over twenty systems to help house all of the people that were freed from the Kingdom and the next two generations.

However, the State knew that the Kingdom would eventually manage to get their situation stabilized and come after the former slaves. Vitam engineers who had studied the Lykan ships dismantled the ships they had stolen and began to work on effective designs to counter the Lykan war machine. After a few months, the Vitams decided to go for smaller angular designs that were also modular to replace components quickly and efficiently. They also needed a weapons system that was more powerful in their opinion that the projectile weapons used by the Kingdom. After talking with the other races, they came upon the decision to use missile weaponry for various reasons. The first was that they knew that the missiles were hard hitting and can do various types of damage to the Kingdom’s ships. Second, the Royal Navy’s tracking system was not designed to track and destroy missiles which was proven on a few occasions with other races that tried to fight off the Lykans in the past though those races did not have enough missiles to take down a single ship before their missile batteries were destroyed. Third, unlike the guns on the Royal Navy ships that were split between long and short range, missiles can attack targets at all ranges. Lastly, all of the missile launchers can fire at the same target as the launchers did not have to face their targets to fire. After coming up with the ships, the missile launchers, and the missiles themselves, the automated factories quickly got to work on the new ships and built as many as they could within that timeframe.

Based on the same principle defense system as the Royal Navy, the State Navy ships also had to make room for the payloads they were going to carry and thus relied on defensive shields as their primary means of defense with both primary and secondary shields. However, the State ship designers gave the ships some thicker armor do to the fact that missiles inside the ship would explode more violently than the ammo payload of a Royal Navy ship. Therefore, the payload is somewhat smaller in capacity but allow the State ships a better chance of survivability. This armor is especially true in light of the fact that the bridge of each ship was mounted externally to make more room inside the ship. To make further room, the officer quarters are small and quaint while the rest of the crew are in Spartan-style quarters with bunk beds. The ship designers knew that if they made the quarters spacious and luxurious, not only would there not be much room at all but that they would have been no different that the Royal Navy ships’ officers’ quarters, a luxury that still angers the older members of the State to this day as a sign of the Lykans’ dominance aboard each of their ships.

The resource gathering sector of the State was quick to find more Salire Purpura Crystals to allow them to create their own version of the Lykans’ jump gate in order for them to get to other star systems nearby that were quickly colonized. They also gathered and rationed the crystals to each ship in order to ready them for the day that they can try to get the rest of their people without using jump gates that could potentially lead the Kingdom right to the State. However, the State Council knew that someday the Lykans would once again darken their space in hopes of reclaiming the former slaves and their families now numbering over 53 billion people. That day came in 5377 A.D. after the Kingdom managed to track them down, but even the Kingdom was caught unprepared for a well-equipped and equally matched State fleet. The battles that ensued have continued in a prolonged war that has been nothing much more than a stalemate, a fact that both the State and the Kingdom have been highly upset about.

In order to reduce the time for maintenance and construction, the State opted to only field three different types of ships. The smallest of the trio is the Raptor-class Destroyer, a missile ship with enough firepower to destroy a Kingdom ship at any range. While the Lykans favored bulky ships with a lot of firepower, the Vitams by comparison opted for a design with a sleeker forward profile as well as something faster and more maneuverable. Because of the modular construction of the State ships, the Dragoon is capable of fulfilling more roles than just defensive ones including recon and logistical support. The missiles on board can also be switched out for more specific payloads with different varieties of effects. The Raptor comes equipped with 21 light missile launchers for use against destroyers and frigates, though they can hit smaller objects than those provided that the Raptor is carrying high maneuver precision missiles for smaller targets. The ship can also engage larger slower moving targets such as cruisers with slower yet higher yield missiles designed for more damage. Advanced missile guidance systems insure that the missiles hit their mark no matter what the payload is that is being launched. This makes the Raptor far more versatile than the Royal Navy’s Stabber-class Destroyer when it comes to the types of ships it can engage. The reason for this versatility comes from the fact that the State knows it is heavily outnumbered by the Kingdom’s fleet and needed vessels that are capable of engaging a larger array of enemies. The Raptor fulfills this role by being able to engage up to a cruiser effectively, especially since the Royal Navy’s cruisers cannot engage anything smaller than a cruiser effectively. After the issues the State engineers had worked out with the Golem battleship, the Raptor is also equipped with shield “hardeners” that gave the shields better resistances to the multitude of different rounds used by the Royal Navy strengthening its defenses. When a squad of Raptors appear against a small Royal fleet consisting of Stabbers flanking an Impaler-class Cruiser, the Royal Navy know they are in for an ugly fight.
Thrasher-Class Battleship - Royal Lykan Kingdom by technokoopa
Thrasher-Class Battleship - Royal Lykan Kingdom
For more information on the backstory and technology of the Thrasher, check out the Stabber-Class Destroyer for further details.

The largest of the three hulls still in use by the Royal Navy today, the kilometer-long Thrasher-class Battleship is both a sight and a nightmare to behold on any battlefield. This bulky behemoth is the fewest in numbers compared to the other smaller hulls but the roles it fulfills are well known among both Kingdom and State naval officers: serve as the flagship of a fleet and bring total devastation to the Kingdom’s enemies on the battlefield. The size of the Thrasher along with the armaments allow the ship to have the ability to perform the latter with its shields being powerful enough to allow the vessel to take massive amounts of punishment from State ships. Unlike the Stabber-class Destroyer or the Impaler-class Cruiser which were intended to engage targets their same size class, the Thrasher is equipped with weapons to handle all ranges of vessels. Among the anti-battleship guns, the Thrasher utilizes 12 1200mm dual artillery cannons for long-range assaults and 12 425mm dual autocannons for close to medium attacks. For anti-cruiser weapons, the Thrasher fields only 20 800mm quad-barrel artillery cannons, deeming the need of autocannons against such targets as unneeded as that much firepower should be able to destroy them before they get close enough. For anti-destroyer/frigate combat, the Thrasher is equipped with 28 280mm twin artillery cannons for use against long and packs 44 125mm twin gatling autocannons. Finally, to round out its arsenal, it also is equipped with two 800mm heavy artillery cannons but these weapons are forward firing only. The bulk of the ship allows it to hold massive amounts of ammo for all of these guns to waiting for it to run out of ammo is ill-advised and would lead to many deaths and ships lost before that happens. Indeed, even after one manages to get through the shields, the Thrasher has 1200mm thick rolled tungsten plates to allow it the chance to take further damage while giving the ship the opportunity to withdraw. It has been a moot point of contention that if Thrashers were in the battle against the Camino Star Empire, the battle would have gone differently. However, the Kingdom has not had a chance to prove this claim against the Empire in light of the war with the United Vitam State. The Kingdom also has only deployed three Thrashers in total in their engagements with State forces, of which one of those battleships has been destroyed. Another lost its shields and relied on its armor for protection before it fled the battlefield but not before decimating several State ships and severely damaging one of their battleships. It has been claimed that if a Kingdom and a State battleship went toe-to-toe with each other the Kingdom would win. So far such engagements show more of a tie between them as the State’s battleships are just as effect as their Kingdom counterparts, a fact the Kingdom does not want to acknowledge.
Impaler-Class Cruiser - Royal Lykan Kingdom by technokoopa
Impaler-Class Cruiser - Royal Lykan Kingdom
For more information on the backstory and technology of the Impaler, check out the Stabber-Class Destroyer for further details.

Of the three remaining ship types that the Royal Navy deploys to maintain order within the Kingdom, the Impaler-class Cruiser is the premier anti-cruiser platform of the Kingdom. While the base form of the ship is very similar to the Stabber-class Destroyer, there are noticeable differences between them. The Impaler is longer and more heavily armed by comparison and is only equipped with anti-cruiser guns in order not to fill its ammo supply with more than two different ammo sizes between anti-cruiser and anti-destroyer/frigate. The Impaler’s armaments include 8 650mm four-barrel artillery cannons for long range assault. The Impaler also uses 22 220mm dual autocannons for use in short to medium range engagements, but again those guns are used against other ships in the same class and are not effective against smaller targets. To add more kick at extreme long ranges or for orbital bombardment, the Impaler also has a single 800mm heavy artillery cannons but this weapon is forward firing only and only has a few rounds. The Impaler is lightly armed compared to other Royal Navy ships but a lot of that is due to the ammo storage because of the smaller frame. Also, because the ship is equipped with four-barrel cannons, it was deemed sufficient to destroy or decimate any enemy since it was like having two guns in one. The other reason is to confuse State ships into thinking they were engaging destroyers at first glance and misreading the situation due to the front profile of the ship being very similar. While an effective tactic at first, State ships now have better scanners to determine the ship they are facing long before it gets in range. Much like with the Stabber, the primary weakness of the Impaler is its ammo supply running out. However, with as much firepower as the Impaler can through at targets, waiting until it runs out of ammo is not a good tactic against such ships. To compensate, State ships generally try to get in close to prevent it from using its heavy guns if it comes to it and pelt the Impaler with waves of missile barrages, a tactic that has been proven effect much to the annoyance of the Impalers’ commanding officers.


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