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Thrasher-Class Battleship Refit by technokoopa
Thrasher-Class Battleship Refit

While the Camino Star Empire managed to keep their Myrmidon-class battleship be refitting it, the Vitam Federation however choose to do away with the current Thrasher model in place of a new one. The challenge of the Federation ship designers was to design a 900 meter long battleship that could contain enough ammo while keeping as many weapons as the original Thrasher had as well as include battleship-grade weapons. The ship also needed to possess a jump drive similar to what the Republic’s Wyvern-class battleship has. While many designs were submitted, most of which had the ship vertically oriented, only one design met the criteria the military leaders were looking for. The one that was picked was a 1000 meter long hull that was big, bulky, and slow, none of which normally suited the design aspects of previous Federation ships. However, what it lacked in speed it made up for in armor, cargo capacity, power supply, and most importantly ammo storage. Most Federation ships had 400mm thick armor which was thinner than most and made the ships rely heavy on their shields. In the case of the revised Thrasher, that armor was able to be increased to 1600mm, the same thickness found on the Myrmidon battleship. This allows the Thrasher to sustain continuous hits to the hull long after the shields have failed. The design also allowed for a secondary shield system should the primary fail, meaning that the Thrasher is the most heavily defended vessel in the entire star cluster rivaling the Improbus Dominion’s Hurricane-class ships. In terms of firepower, the ship was able to retain most of the small and medium scale artillery and auto cannons found on the original Thrasher, but also added to its arsenal were battleship-grade weapons. Unlike the Myrmidon which scaled down capital ship scale weapons to battleship scale, the Thrasher scaled up the artillery cannons and auto cannons (with the exception of the missile launchers that were scaled down) for a very good reason. The guns on the dreadnought were four barrels for both the artillery and auto cannons and the ship designers realized that fewer barrels are better in the long run in terms of ammo consumption. Therefore both the artillery cannons and the auto cannons are two barrels, reducing the ammo consumption in half. In terms of the number of battleship grade weapons, the ship possesses 8 double barrel artillery cannons, 8 dual auto cannons, and 4 quad missile launchers.

The new design was put through rigorous testing from durability to firing exercises, all of which the ship passed. The military leaders and the president were soon shown the vessel and what it could do and they could not be any prouder. They had a ship at their disposal that made the Federation a serious force to be reckoned with. Once the existing Thrasher hulls were recycled into the new hulls, the Federation made public the new battleship to the entire star cluster and a few analysts from the other nations are more than concerned as to what the Federation intends to do with such a ship.

Myrmidon-Class Battleship Refit by technokoopa
Myrmidon-Class Battleship Refit

After the creation of the Thorax-class cruiser, the Imperial ship designers took a second look at the Myrmidon-class battleship they were trying to replace and realized that it would be a waste to scrub the entire design over some power supply issues. However, they realized that the number of existing weapons needed to be lowered as well as adding some larger weapons. Keeping with the same base central hull, they removed the heavy laser weapons deeming them unneeded and the primary cause of the power supply issues. The central heavy laser was replaced with cargo, capacitor, and additional living sections similar to the Hyperion dreadnought’s design. Indeed, the Hyperion was the primary reason for the redesign of the Myrmidon. The side sections were removed and modified with thicker stronger struts and an array of heavy weapons mounts on the side for up to eight battleship-grade weapons each. The weapons were based on the capital ship weapons and were scaled down for use with the battleship, including 4 dual railguns, 8 dual laser cannons, and 4 quad missile launchers. The one part of the design that many would deem “unsightly” was how far out the engine array is. In order to accommodate the additional cargo, ammo supply, and capacitor systems, the engines were moved out from the protection of the ship frame and extend outward by a certain distance that allowed it to be measured out to 900 meters, almost the size of the Republic’s Wyvern-class battleship. However, this “unsightly” extension serves a purpose: it houses the engines and the main power supply for the ship along with the warp drive and jump drive like the Wyvern. While at first glance it would appear an easy target, the engine array is far from it. It is just as armored and shielded as the rest of the ship and is very difficult to damage effectively.

After converting one of the Myrmidon hulls to the changes in question, the ship was tested in firing exercises among other tests. The capacitors were able to handle the output of the weapons and the ammo supply was sufficient for the ship to handle multiple engagements before resupply. The increased mass did make the ship slower in turns and speed, the tradeoff was deemed acceptable due to what the ship achieved in return. Presenting the refit and the results to the military leaders and the empress, they were impressed with the enhancements and while they did see the extended engine array just as “unsightly,” they believed that function overwrote form in this matter and approved of refitting the existing hulls and building new ones.

Impaler-Class Cruiser by technokoopa
Impaler-Class Cruiser
 The Impaler-class cruiser came to be after the Vitam Federation realized a critical error in the development and deployment of the Thrasher-class dreadnought that was not foreseen when it was made. The flaw was not the power supply like what plagued the Camino Empire's Myrmidon-class battleship but rather it was the ammo supply of the ship. With so many weapons, the Federation believed that the Thrasher could win any engagement without worrying about the ammo running out. However, after multiple engagements, this problem began to arise. Soon the Thrasher had to resupply after every engagement more often than the frigates and the destroyers. After the Dominion incursion, the Federation military had enough of the Thrasher's issues and began retiring the ship after ordering the design team to try again. After hearing what the Empire was working on, the Federation chose to make a cruiser of their own.

The designers, trying to keep with the same design aspect as the other ships, used the destroyer design as a base, removed the destroyer's weapons and elongated the design to 390 meters. Instead of 20 quad artillery cannons, the cruiser only possesses 8 cannons with the same amount of ammo storage as the Thrasher. However, it was soon realized that the cannons as well as the ship cannot turn as fast as smaller guns or similar size ships. To make up for this, the autocannons found on the destroyers and frigates were slightly enlarged and were placed at key points on the ship to deal with faster targets. The ship retained a medium bore railgun at the front but it only has enough rounds for ten shots. The prototype during tests meet and exceeded expectations as well as met the criteria put forth by the military. The Impaler went into mass production not too long after as the designers received new instructions to design a battleship after hearing the Empire was doing the same.
Thorax-Class Cruiser by technokoopa
Thorax-Class Cruiser

The Thorax-class cruiser of the Camino Star Empire came to be after problems arose involving the Myrmidon-class battleship. At the time the Myrmidon was deployed it was believed that it was capable of powering all the weapons on board much like the Algos-class destroyer could. However, in actual combat, the power supply between the multiple weapons began to be depleted faster than it could replenish. While the primary targets of the Myrmidon were the large pirate ships that roamed the Northern Region, those brief engagements were enough to show the shortcomings of the Myrmidon. It took the Myrmidon half an hour to replenish its power supply, and it was the same power plant found it Republic ships that did not have the same issue (this is due to the fact that the Republic uses rounds and missiles for its weapons, not lasers). Because of these shortcomings, the Myrmidon was forced into an early retirement after the Dominion incursion while the Imperial ship designers went back to the drawing board.

The designers decided that the best option to allow a ship to maintain a stable supply of energy while firing heavier weapons was to have the ship only have heavier weapons and fewer of them than the Myrmidon. Opting to go to a cruiser size ship at 355 meters than a battleship or battle cruiser, the designers went with a total number of 11 weapons (3 railguns and 6 lasers) opting to exclude missile launchers and the heavy laser cannon found on the Algos. While this means the ship's weapons are unable to properly engage frigates or small craft with medium size weapons, the weaponry is still powerful enough to go against destroyers, cruisers, and possibly battle cruisers. To insure the ship will survive engagements, the armor was increased in key locations should the shields fail. To balance out the larger size and mass, the designers gave it multiple engines in key places to increase the turn rate of the ships. The first prototype ran engagements and weapon tests and passed with flying colors. The ship, now called the Thorax, was quickly approved for mass production while the ship designers went back to work to create a battleship for the Empire.

Evoan Battleship by technokoopa
Evoan Battleship

The Evoans are an ancient race of humans (for lack of a proper term) who evolved from living on different colony worlds that were once part of the Humar Empire over 12,000 years ago. When the Evoans evolved into a higher state being able to manipulate energy into craft that can fly among the stars and have telekinetic and telepathic abilities, the emperor wanted them destroyed since they were a threat to the nation and to his regime. This one decision made the Evoans proceed with their campaign of genocide in order to remove the Humar Empire and any human who was not evolved like the Evoans. The war was short lived and resulted in the destruction of the capital world but not before the Empire sent three “seed” ships across the galaxy unknown to the Evoans which would eventually seed worlds such as Earth and three planets of the Altora Alliance. For 10,000 years, the Evoans were unaware of any other humans or human-based races that stemmed from the “seed” ships until the Enteetians, a human-based race with fox ears and 1-9 tails, which were looking for ancient Humar technology in their campaign of war against the United Systems of the Federation entered the Humar system which alerted the Evoans. After destroying the exploration fleet and accessing their computer core, the Evoans now knowing what their ancient enemy had done went into frenzy and swept through the Enteetian Empire, wiping out every planet that had Enteetians on it. Many Enteetians fled to the Federation and the neighboring Sol’na’changko Empire in an effort to escape but the Evoans were aware of those nations and the human-based races living in them. They continued to wipe out not only planets with human-based races on them but also any races that have ever associated with them that they consider “unclean” or “tainted” due to being in contact with them. Eventually every surviving race from the Federation and the two Empires fled to Japizuel to go through an artificial wormhole created by a race called the Minions into another galaxy. The Minions, not wanting any of them to escape their purge, appeared in Japizuel as the survivors in ships and colonies went through. The sentient Minion ships engaged the Evoans in an effort to slow their advance. As the last survivors went through, a couple of the Minion ships destroyed the wormhole generators, sealing it shut. In a bit of rage, the Evoans destroyed the remaining Minion ships as they tried everything they could think of to reopen the wormhole but to no avail. The Evoans after 10,000 years lacked the innovation or knowledge of how to open a wormhole and that remained the case 2,000 years later. Only a few survivors who didn’t make it to Japizuel in time fled to other parts of the galaxy and eventually came across the Altora Alliance.

Knowing that there were possibly other human-based races in the galaxy, the Evoans set out across the galaxy to find them. Eventually they came across others who ranged from pre-industrial to spacefaring and regardless made them extinct. They ended up reaching the Altora Alliance almost 500 years after the Federation left, but the Altora was waiting for them and found themselves in a war between the Evoans and the Altora for about 1,500 years with the Evoans slowly being pushed back.

The one aspect that all Evoan ships share is that they are actually made of energy made physical by the Evoan who is controlling it. With there being three different types of ships, it is believed that the Evoan who controls it may have different levels of power and/or control or it could be a ranking system based on other methods. It is not known by either the nations of the Novus Orsa star cluster or by the Altora Alliance how they are distinguished, only that they exist and they are dangerous. They all fire energy beams of different strengths that can somehow penetrate the distortion fields of the Federation with ease, though the shields found on Novus Orsa ships are far more powerful since then and the Altora Alliance shields are even more so. While energy weapons can do damage to the Evoan ships, other weapons including railguns and missiles are equally as damaging as the Evoans do not have shields.

The rarest of the three types of Evoan ships, the gold-colored “Battleship” brings to the battlefield a sense of regal if not severity of the Evoans in battle. The Battleship is the largest of the Evoan ships with multiple cones and spires and possesses the greatest amount of firepower as well as the strongest defense. It has been speculated that if this is indeed controlled by one Evoan that they had a great deal of power and concentration to form and control a ship of that size. The Alliance has only engaged them in combat a few times in 1,500 years meaning these are rare or the Evoans are holding back. Whenever they were in combat, it would take a few Alliance battleships to engage but no Evoan battleship has been destroyed as they generally fled before the ship is destroyed. It is believed that the Novus Orsa Republic battleship or the dreadnoughts from all four nations of the star cluster has the firepower to take out the Evoan battleship but that has not been proven yet.

NOTE: This design was done several years ago when I was still using 3D Studio Max but this is what I had envisioned these ships to look like at the time. I no longer have access to the software hence why I only do illustrations.



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